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Cadet Academy

Welcome to the STARFLEET Marine Corps Cadet Academy. This training Academy has been developed for our younger Marines – providing them with a specifically developed series of schools and courses that will assist with their development as SFMC Cadets.  This is the place that Cadets come to become Marines.

The SFMC Cadet Academy is administered by the Cadet Academy Dean who may be assisted by the various School and Branch Directors throughout TRACOM.

Courses have been designed for the various age groupings as listed and number-sequenced as below and are currently available online for immediate credit. Please note that these age groups are a guideline for students and parents/care-givers. However any student who feels competent enough, may choose to take courses above the age grouping they are part of.  It is strongly recommended that students (and parents, guardians, caregivers) read and study the SFMC Cadet Manual, which is available from the SFMC website.

Age Groups

  1. Cadet – Grade 1 (ages 5-7): 6 courses
  2. Cadet – Grade 2 (ages 8-11): 7 courses
  3. Cadet – Grade 3 (ages 12-14): 8 courses
  4. Cadet – Grade 4 (ages 15-17): 9 courses