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The Marine Occupational Specialty Certification Program (MOSC) has been set-up to compliment the Marine Unit Readiness Program (MURP) which enables marines to receive acknowledgement for the successful training completed for certain jobs, through the various Branches.  Such acknowledgement gives clear indication of an individual’s qualification for certain posts or specialities in the Branch of Service (BOS) within which they have chosen to operate.  This can be applied to a range of BOS thus making the Marine a highly-qualified, multi-trained soldier of great value to his unit.

The SFMC separates all jobs into “Marine Occupational Specialties” (MOS) for each of the Branches of Service.  All fields in each section are numbered from 01 to 99 and include the general categories that the specific jobs fall under. There is some distinction made between officers and enlisted marines dependent upon the MOS and these are highlighted throughout the MOS manual as appropriate.

Each field contains multiple MOS’s, each designated by a three-digit numerical indicator and a job title. For example, the Infantry Branch has (currently) 22 classifications – from MOS 300-Infantry Branch Director to MOS 363-Powered Combat Support Infantryman. As the majority of MOS make no distinction between ranks, a Marine may achieve a wide-range of the qualification for various MOS, provided they have successfully completed the course criteria as listed in the current edition of the SFMC MOS Manual.



How It Works

Each individual must have completed the courses so designated in the current edition of the SFMC MOS Manual to be able to make application for acknowledgement of that particular MOS. They will fulfil these requirements by submitting copies of diplomas or confirmations from classes they took at the Starfleet Marine Academy (SFMCA). OIC’S and CO’S may affirm the existence of the diplomas by e-mail or by mail. Applicants do not have to send copies of the diplomas. The word of the OIC that he/she has seen those diplomas, confirmations, or database entries is good enough.Applicants will download the MOS Qualification Application form from the appropriate site and forward to the MOSC Coordinator at ensure you fill in all appropriate fields and that you include any qualifying material as requested. Failure to do this may mean rejection of your application, or at the very least, hold up processing of the documentation.Application should be made first for the MOS for which Marine has determined to be his/her primary MOS – referred to as their Duty Military Occupational Specialty (DMOS). This will give them certification for that MOS to which the Marine wishes to use as their recognized, major role as a member of the Corps. Since any individual can obtain multiple job specialties, DMOS is used to identify what their primary job function is at any given time. The DMOS can be changed according to the needs of the role of the Marine


Available Branch of Service/Specialty Certificates

Aerospace Armor Combat Engineering 
Infantry  Maritime Operations  MECHA 
Medical Special Operations Support

MOSC Coordinator
The current MOSC Coordinator is:
COL Faith Steinberg