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This is the MURP FAQ. 

1. We don’t have that branch of service or specialty (BOS)?
A. Unit does not need to certify a BOS it does not have. You may certify unmanned BOS’s for future use, however. The unit has a Primary BOS, which it SHOULD certify (if the unit so desires.) Marines in your unit may want to certify secondary BOS’s because they are interested in other Marine operations.
2. We don’t have enough members in our unit?
A. Diplomas may be submitted from members of all of a Vessel’s crew to certify the SFMC Unit. This is a ship-wide effort, not just a Unit effort. If you are unaffiliated with any Vessel (MEU), the Flagship of your Brigade (Region) may help you certify.
3. We can’t earn that many diplomas!

A. Required diploma or verification may be used to fulfill more than one certification. The ship does not have to earn diplomas for any class more than once. Just re-submit the diploma for each relevant certification the ship is applying for.

A. good strategy is to collect all the copies of all the diplomas and verifications earned by your Vessel’s crew. Make about 3 copies of each. Lay them out according to Branch of Service or Specialty and mix and match till you meet the requirements.

4. Two members have diplomas from the same class. Can both of them be used?
A. The two diplomas may be used to certify DIFFERENT BOS/S’s. For example: Two members took Starship Operations I . One diploma may be used to certify Armour and the other may be used to certify Combat Engineering.
5. One or two members can certify most of the departments?
A. Diplomas must be submitted from as many different members as possible. A Commissioned Vessel should have at least three different people working together to certify the Unit. (A shuttle should have at least two and a preshuttle may have one.) If at all possible, diplomas should come from several members.
6. What about former members?
A. Diplomas must have been earned by a current member of the ship or unit.Diplomas of former members cannot be used toward MURP certification.
7. Is there a time limit on diplomas?
A. Diplomas may have been earned at any time in the past, by any current member of the ship, from any department. (If a current ship member earned a diploma in 1979, then that diploma is still valid.)
8. A new academy class is not listed in the requirements.
A. New Academy Classes crop up all the time. If you come across one that is not yet listed in the requirements, contact me and together we will decide where that class belongs.
9. How do we keep up when the requirements keep changing?
A. You may update your Unit at any time. If the requirements change, you have a choice to keep the certificates you have or to update the certificates to meet the new requirements.
10. How do we update our certificates?
A. Marine Unit may update its certificates as crew members rotate or the status of the Unit or the Vessel changes. The Unit does NOT have to start all over unless it has completely disbanded and reformed under a new Unit number. In such a case, a new Marine Unit Profile must be sent.

If your Vessel OR Unit has restructured (added or lost departments and kept the same Unit number) and you want to update any of your certificates, submit an updated Marine Unit Profile and indicate which BOS’s are being updated or added.

11. We don’t have a marine unit yet, can we certify a BOS anyway?
A. Vessel whose members have taken SFMCA courses may certify a BOS for a FUTURE MSG. If the vessel has enough confirmations to certify under the MURP, it is highly suggested that an MSG be applied for through the SFMC. It takes only ONE marine to form a unit.
12. How do we get a streamer?
A. Streamers are limited to PRIMARY
BOS’s only.