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School of Military History

These courses are not like any that you may have taken before from the Star Fleet Marine Corps Academy. These courses are based on a series of writings that allow the student to grow in their knowledge of Military History as they go through the courses. The student will be required to stretch their knowledge while taking these courses. These courses will allow the student to learn the “how’s” and “why’s” of Military History. The student will look beyond what is written in the standard history books and discover a new meaning of the history written. These courses are not designed to be hard or difficult for the student, but they will require the student to look at the written word in a much more studious manner. No longer will the student accept the written word without asking “is this correct” or “why”. Courses are currently available through the MH-60 level and all are available online for immediate credit.

The manuals necessary  for these courses can be downloaded from the SFMCA Library.

To request any of these courses please use the course request form at the bottom of this page.

Courses Available

MH-401 Basic Military History: This, the first course in Military History, will be a written essay on two quotes relating to Military history. The student will be asked to state if they agree or disagree on them and then state why. This will act a as spring board for the student to move on to the second and third courses. Prerequisite for this course: IN-201, PD-120, and one -301 level course from any other SFMC Branch (preferably a support arm such as CE, MD, or SU).

MH-501 Advanced Military History: This course will build upon the basics learned by the student in MH-401. In the second course, which will be divided into two separate parts, the student will be asked to look at two different military actions and compare and contrast them, in terms of military history with each other. Why are these two different military action similar, but yet so totally different, and Why where they chosen. In the second part of the same course, the student will then be asked to do the same for Military leaders, thinkers, and philosophers.

By this means, the student, in Part A, will begin to see that all Military History is connected in one way or another. In Part B, the student will see how and why some of the great Military leaders/thinkers were influenced by their education–both formal education and Military education. Prerequisite for this course: MH-401.

MH-601 Military History Independent Study: For the final step in the Military History studies the student must complete an independent studies project. The independent studies project must either consist of a paper or another approved project. The student MUST submit a topic or project description to the Branch Director for approval. Once approved the student will then have 10 weeks to submit their independent studies project for grading. After submittal and if the student receives a grade of Honors or Distinction on a 301 level course, they will be issued an Academic Excellence Award.  Prerequisite for this course: MH-501.

Before sending a request for a level -601 project please read the following:

  1. The Branch Director has the authority to approve or deny any and all requests for this course and their decisions are final.
  2. Projects MUST in some way shape or form relate to the SFMC and the branch for which you are applying to.
  3. You must submit a topic or project description when requesting this course. Any requests without a topic or project description will not be honored.

Below are some SUGGESTED projects. A student can either use the suggested projects or any other project that they can think of. Please note however that these are suggestions only and that directors may or may not approve them.

  1. College-style papers.
  2. Specifications / descriptions and/or technical drawings of new technology relating to the branch.
  3. A short story that utilizes the material in the branch.
  4. An addition to the branch’s manual relating to a topic not covered by the existing manual.
  5. A new exam and answers for the branch (Please note that this is at the Branch Directors discretion).

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