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School of Xenostudies, Borg

These courses are an in-depth study of Borg culture, history, and technology. All information needed to answer the 100 and 200 level exams may be derived from the Course manual. Some questions will ask you to draw conclusions from the facts presented. The 300-level project will require outside research from such sources as Star Trek episodes, source books, technical manuals, or informational websites. Courses are currently available through the XB-30 level and all are available online for immediate credit.

The manuals necessary  for these courses can be downloaded from the SFMCA Library.

To request any of these courses please use the course request form at the bottom of the page.

Courses Available

XB-101 Borg History and Culture: This course will give the student a basic understanding of Borg history and culture. Prerequisite for this course: PD-100.

XB-111 Borg Technology: This course will give the student a basic understanding of Borg technology. Prerequisite for this course: XB-101.

XB-201 Advanced Studies: This course gives students two different sections to work through.  advanced technology and a few Historical questions on the Borg. Prerequisite for this course: XB-101.

XB-301 Independent Study of the Borg: For the final step in Borg Xeno Studies the student must complete an independent studies project. The independent studies project must either consist of a paper or another approved project. The student MUST submit a topic or project description to the Branch Director for approval. Once approved the student will then have 10 weeks to submit their independent studies project for grading. After submittal and if the student receives a grade of Honors or Distinction on a 301 level course, they will be issued an Academic Excellence Award.  Prerequisite for this course: XB-111.

Before sending a request for a level -300 project please read the following:

  1. The Branch Director has the authority to approve or deny any and all requests for this course and their decisions are final.
  2. Projects MUST in some way shape or form relate to the SFMC and the branch for which you are applying to.
  3. You must submit a topic or project description when requesting this course. Any requests without a topic or project description will not be honored.

Below are some SUGGESTED projects. A student can either use the suggested projects or any other project that they can think of. Please note however that these are suggestions only and that directors may or may not approve them.

  1. College-style papers.
  2. Specifications / descriptions and/or technical drawings of new technology relating to the branch.
  3. A short story that utilizes the material in the branch.
  4. An addition to the branch’s manual relating to a topic not covered by the existing manual.
  5. A new exam and answers for the branch (Please note that this is at the Branch Directors discretion).

XB Course Request