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School of Special Operations

This school instructs its students in all phases of Special Operations. All aspects of the rigorous and highly specialized field of Special Operations are covered within this curriculum.  The College of Special Operations is administered through the Office of the Commandant, STARFLEET Marine Corps Academy by the Special Operations Branch Director. Courses are currently available through the SO-301 level and all are available online for immediate credit.

The manuals necessary  for these courses can be downloaded from the SFMCA Library.

To request any of these courses please use the course request form at the bottom of the page.

Courses Available

SO-100 Special Operations Basic Course: Step one in the Special Operations Branch Education Program. Prerequisite for this course: PD-100.

SO-120 History and Traditions: This course focuses on the history and traditions of Special Operations activities – and especially how they relate to the SFMC.  This course covers both real and fictional traditions and other aspects relevant to the topic. Prerequisite for this course: SO-100.

SO-150 Parachute Familiarization Course: This course is one of the more unique courses offered by the SFMCA. This course will allow the Marine to use their prior know and skills learned while on prior Active duty in the Armed Forces or in Civilian training. This course will be divided into two Sections: first will be the Basic Training of Parachute Techniques, the second will be the Star Fleet Marine Corps Applications for these techniques and their uses in SFMC.

The skills that were taught in the early 21st century are still being taught today by the Corps at their Parachute Training Facility at Camp Pendleton. While the equipment may have changed, the basic skills/techniques have not. The ability to hurl ones self out of an aircraft while in flight remains the same. Be it a C-141 or a T-14 transport, to make the great leap remains the same. As does the Brotherhood, that is felt by all those who wear the wings of the Marine Parachutists.

For those Marines who have already proven their unique ability to hurl oneself out of an aircraft while in flight, will be given a special designator on their wings–the gold star of Service. This will allow these Marines to be recognized for their prior service and skills of parachuting. To qualify for this special designator, the Marine must prove that they have completed the prescribed course of training by means of their DD 214 or certificate of such training, as is the case for those who to ok similar training in the civilian market their log book and or certificate of training. Prerequisite for this course: SO-100.

SO-201 Special Operations Advanced Course: Step two in the Special Operations Branch Education program. This course delves into Special Operations in more depth and detail. Prerequisite for this course: SO-100.

SO-220 Special Operations Tactics:
Expanding on elements studied in earlier courses, SO-220 takes the student into the study of the varying tactical activities associated with the different team types that make up the SFMC SpecOps Branch. Prerequisite for this course: SO-201.

SO-301 Special Operations Independent Study Course:
For the final step in the Special Operations Branch studies the student must complete an independent studies project. The independent studies project must either consist of a paper or another approved project. The student MUST submit a topic or project description to the Branch Director for approval. Once approved the student will then have 10 weeks to submit their independent studies project for grading. After submittal and if the student receives a grade of Honors or Distinction on a 301 level course, they will be issued an Academic Excellence Award.  Prerequisite for this course: SO-201.

Before sending a request for a level -301 project please read the following:

  1. The Branch Director has the authority to approve or deny any and all requests for this course and their decisions are final.
  2. Projects MUST in some way shape or form relate to the SFMC and the branch for which you are applying to.
  3. You must submit a topic or project description when requesting this course. Any requests without a topic or project description will not be honored.

Below are some SUGGESTED projects. A student can either use the suggested projects or any other project that they can think of. Please note however that these are suggestions only and that directors may or may not approve them.

  1. College-style papers.
  2. Specifications / descriptions and/or technical drawings of new technology relating to the branch.
  3. A short story that utilizes the material in the branch.
  4. An addition to the branch’s manual relating to a topic not covered by the existing manual.
  5. A new exam and answers for the branch (Please note that this is at the Branch Directors discretion).

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