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School of Leadership

This school instructs its students in the fine art of becoming a Professional Soldier. Being a Marine is more than a career choice, it is a life choice. This is where beings go to become Marines. Courses are currently available through the LD-301 level and all are available online for immediate credit.

The manuals necessary  for these courses can be downloaded from the SFMCA Library.

To request any of these courses please use the course request form at the bottom of this page.

Courses Available

LD-100 Basic Leadership Course: The first course, LD-100, is the Basic course of the series. In this course you will learn the “basics” of what Leadership is and how it works. The reference for this course is the Professional Development & Leadership Manual which can be downloaded from the SFMC Library located on the SFMC site. Successful completion of this course entitles the student to wear the Leadership Device with Silver Wreath. Prerequisite for this course: PD-100.

LD-151 Basic Leadership Examples from Starfleet: Using as a basis for study the historical analysis of several notable and famous Starfleet captains, the LD-151 course is designed to provide some study of the differing leadership styles of these officers and how their success/failures can be used as an example for the Marine leader. Prerequisite for this course: PD-100.

LD-201 Advanced Leadership Course: In LD-201, the Student now moves to the next higher level of Leadership. This is accomplished by expanding upon the knowledge gained in the first course, LD-100. In this course the Student will be asked to look much deeper into the realm of Leadership and its impact at the higher level of Command. For this course, the student will move to the Advanced Leadership Manual for reference which can be downloaded from the SFMC Library located on the SFMC site. Successful completion of this course entitles the student to wear the Leadership Device with Gold Wreath. Prerequisite for this course: LD-100.

LD-211 Advanced Leadership – Leadership in Action: Taking the key elements of leadership as defined by previous courses, this course deals with important practical leadership, by using specific examples of some of our  history’s great leaders. The course is a mix of multi choice, true/false answers, plus a small section of self-written responses. The Advanced Leadership Manual is again used for reference. Prerequisite for this course: LD-201.

LD-291 Combat Leadership ­- Leadership Under Pressure: Leadership falls within both the theoretical and practical. Situations dictate the amount of theoretical leadership can be employed in practical actions. Classrooms and Battlefields both teach and employ leadership, but in vastly different manners. In Combat situations, a leader does not have the benefit of books, advisors or time to plan, they must plan and act in the same instant, in other words, instinctive leadership. Under pressure and under fire, a Leader must plan and act swiftly and accurately because their lives of those of their unit are at stake. There is no easy way put a student into a Combat situation, to simulate the pressure, ambiguity and lack of having all the facts. We can simulate pressure: this course is pass/fail and must be completed within 24 hours of receipt of this course. That means, when you are sent the course, your answers must be returned within 24 hours. The only exceptions are by approval of LD School Director. We can simulate ambiguity: All questions are essay and are graded on content. We can simulate limited intelligence: No resources or reference materials will be listed, rather you must list which references you employed. Prerequisite for this course: LD-201.

LD-301 Leadership Degree Course: For the final step in the School of Leadership the Student will look at Leadership as it is in the 23rd century consisting of an independent studies project. The independent studies project must consist of a paper based on various leadership styles. The student MUST submit a topic to the Branch Director for approval. After choosing an option and with the approval of the Branch Director the student will then have 10 weeks to submit their paper for grading. After submittal and if the student receives a grade of Honors or Distinction on a 301 level course, they will be issued an Academic Excellence Award.  Prerequisite for this course: LD-201.

Before sending a request for a level -301 project please read the following:

  1. The Branch Director has the authority to approve or deny any and all requests for this course and their decisions are final.
  2. Projects MUST in some way shape or form relate to the SFMC and the branch for which you are applying to.
  3. You must submit a topic or project description when requesting this course. Any requests without a topic or project description will not be honored.

Below are some SUGGESTED projects. A student can either use the suggested projects or any other project that they can think of. Please note however that these are suggestions only and that directors may or may not approve them.

  1. College-style papers.
  2. Specifications / descriptions and/or technical drawings of new technology relating to the branch.
  3. A short story that utilizes the material in the branch.
  4. An addition to the branch’s manual relating to a topic not covered by the existing manual.
  5. A new exam and answers for the branch (Please note that this is at the Branch Directors discretion).

LD Course Request